Handmade Miniature Doll House, Casa De Boneca

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    • Extremely DIY Pleasure. The pieces are separated into labeled bags and are letter/number coded. Easy assemble with instructions. The tiny accessories showed in the picture such as the sofa, desk can be painted, cutted or sticked to built with your hands. It's full of the achievability after finishing this great artwork finally.
    • Happy & valuable time with your kids. Accurately speaking, the cute house is not designed to be played with, but collectible buildings or home decoration after finished. It come with parts, need to assemble DIY. The assembly is suitable for people older than 8 years, a great way to communicate with teenagers or adults and perfect project for spending time.
    • Realistic and cleverly designed parts. Materials are of good quality, the furniture and other wooden pieces are precisely cut so that they fit together correctly. LED light, plants, ornament, furniture are quite realistic and cleverly designed. There are well worth the price if you are looking for pleasure.
    • High quality materials, exquisite external packing, Sincere blessings. This is the best Choice for Gifts such as Birthday Gift. It also can be used as Event prizes, or the Study materials of Handicraft class in school. What you will accomplish is a very beautiful and unique artwork!
    • A very perfect gift and collectibles for who enjoy crafts and miniatures, the box itself looks as a present - very nice looking! You could do it by yourself to make the gift more meaningful. Might be challenging for a first time builder, but you will get the joy after you have finished it.
    • Legible English instructions will guide you to assemble the item step by step. It's easy to follow the direction with Colorful & Detailed Graphic Interpretation to finish this artwork.
    • Easy to assemble. We want to encourage you it easy to assemble just a little patience.
    • An attractive decoration when you put it in the Bookcase, Display Cabinets etc. after enjoying assembling process. Turn on the LED Light at night, it's warmhearted and attractive. Your family, friends, classmates or guests will give you praise from heart

     Package Include:
    1.A beautifully colored box (it's perfect gifts in various festivals for teenagers and adults).
    2. DIY house kit (include all the furniture and accessories in pictures).
    Finished Size: 7.68 (L) x 6.5 (W)x 2.95 (H) inch and Weight: 1.21 lbs


    Note : 

    1. The kits have been inspected 100% carefully before delivery, so as to ensure that the accessories are complete and no missing part. If any question when you assemble, please feel free to connect us, we will solve any problem ASAP.
    2. Glue and batteries are not included because they are not permitted to ship by air transportation, so please prepare it by yourself, you can choose silicone liquid glue and two pcs batteries (type AAA).
    3. The house kits are the furniture and accessories which need to DIY, Grinding, bonding, assembly, modelling to finish building your own house. Handcraft tools needed: paper scissors, knife, precision tweezers, and screw driver.
    4. The dollhouse is miniature, finished size is 7.68 (L) x 6.5 (W)x 2.95 (H) inch, and weight is 1.21 lbs
    5. English instruction are included or get by email.


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      Question: What kind of batteries do you need?

      Answer: You need AAA batteries 


      Question: Are these big enough to look proportionate with a Barbie doll?

      Answer: No. It is so small for Barbie dolls. 


      Question: Can a Lego fit in this?

      Answer: Dear, the Finished Product Size is 7.68 (L) x 6.5 (W)x 2.95 (H) inch. So it may suit. 


      Question: What doll can this fit?

      Answer: Dear, the finished Product Size is 7.68 (L) x 6.5 (W)x 2.95 (H) inch. So you could choose small doll for this size. 


      Question: Does it come with all the little pieces it shows in the pictures?

      Answer: It comes with all the pieces to build what's pictured.


      Question: Could an Lps fit in the "doll house" and use the furniture? Do the bed covers and pillows come off?

      Answer: All pieces are to be assembled. So you can do whatever you want. But they are small. It is more kind of collectible than a day-to-day doll house to play with.