Greenhouse Automatic Heat Sensitive Window Opener

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    • Ideal for your greenhouse window, opens and closes your greenhouse window as the temperature changes automatically, maintains the best growing temperature and prevents your greenhouse from overheating. 
    • No electrical power is required, uses solar energy, open or close the greenhouse vents as temperature rises or drops,  as the fluid-filled cylinders expand in warm temperatures.
    • Can be clamped onto or screwed onto your greenhouse frame. Screw directly into polycarbonate panels, wood, or metal frames.
    • Including fittings & installation manual. 

    Important notice:

    • Do not use this opener anywhere the temperature will exceed 50° (122F). 
    • Please ensure your greenhouse window can be opened freely by at least 45cm (18"). 
    • Do not apply excessive loads by locking or covering window. 
    • Do not dismantle the cylinder. 
    • The opener CANNOT be stopped manually. 


    • Maximum window opening 45cm. 
    • Maximum opening about 30°, depending on adjustment and load. 
    • Maximum opening weight 7kg / 15 lbs. Solar Vent Opener can lift up to 15 lbs.
    • Adjustable open temperature range 15°- 25°/60°-77F, depending on how you have adjusted the vent.


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    Question: Is this opener coming with a window?

    Answer: This product is just the opener itself. If you are using it on a greenhouse window, then there should be a window installed already in your greenhouse that can be opened for ventilation.


    Question: Where does it get the solar power to operate?

    Answer: The automatic vent opener is activated by heat. As the temperature in the greenhouse rises the fluid in the cylinder expands and opens the vent. You can adjust the opening temp by turning the shaft connected to the cylinder.


    Question: Why window doesn’t open when temperature over 25°?

    Answer: We know window be controlled through the length of window opener Sensitive part. When the temperature is kept above 25° for 30 minutes, window will open . If you think the opener could not work, please measure Sensitive part then put it into 35-45° water about 30 minutes then re-measure the sensitive part again, if the Sensitive part extend, then it means the item could work, when temperature is increased.


    Question: Why window doesn't close when temperature below 15°?

    Answer: Temperature remains under 15° for 30 minutes, the window will close. If you afraid that the product has a problem. You can also do a test. Put the temperature sensor in the fridge for 30 minutes then contrast the length. If the size shortened 2cm that means product is working. If the window still do not close, we have to consider the weight of the window.


    Question: Why there only 2cm shorten when I put it in fridge 30 mins?

    Answer: In practical use, it will shorten more than 2cm with window's gravity


    Question: When I test it, it has nothing changed

    Answer: Smear it with oil (for cars) and it will begin to work. Because the oil is easy to be dry during on the way to your shipment, so sometimes you should smear with oil before you try to use it.


    Question: Is there a manual override in case I don't want the vents to open (as in high wind conditions)?

    Answer: Yes. Squeeze the bottom bracket, and release the 2 little bumps and close the window. Put back in position after wind subsidies