SOIL, Water - PH - Light Tester 3 in 1 for Garden Plants

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  • MULTI FUNCTION: 1.Let you know when to water. You will never over/under water your plants again with this tester. 2. Help you to control Ph level in soil, acidic or alkaline is suitable for your plants. 3. Help you to determine if plant getting adequate light.
  • 3in1 - You can measure the soil MOISTURE, PH & LIGHT levels easily, make your plants grow healthy and strong by 3in1 soil tester.
  • EASY TO USE - just need plug and read. It's very easy to use! If the plants are very dry, the Soil Meter's Pointer will does not rotate! It means that your plants need to water right now
  • NO BATTERY NEEDED - Simply push the meter into the soil, and you'll get your reading. No need for batteries
  • COMPACT FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE - Know when to water, adjust pH, or change lighting for your garden, flowers, plants both indoor and outdoor
  • SCIENTIFICALLY ACCURATE - Easy & accurately to read moisture, pH and light levels, promotes healthy plants. PH Range: 3.5-8pH (3.5-6.5 Acid, 7-8 Alkaline), Moisture Range: 1-10 (1-3 Dry, 4-7 Nor, 8-10 Wet), Relative Light: 0-2000lux (0-200 Low, 200-500 Low+, 500-1000 Nor, 1000-2000 High).


  1. Do not touch the stone or hard rock soil, if the soil is too hard and dry, easy to damage the probes.
  2. Design for testing soil ONLY. Do not use it to test pure water directly and other liquids such as vinegar, juice.
  3. After using, need to clean and wipe the probes.
  4. measurement of moisture and pH must be viewed while the unit is in the soil, And the tester must be kept in the soil for 10 minutes or more.
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