Newton’s Cradle

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  • Demonstrates Newton's Laws of Motion, Own your special piece of science and explore significant values of physics.
  • The balance balls continue in perpetual motion for only 15-25 seconds due to the resistance of the air and friction, but it won't influence the effect of playing although it cannot reach the seamless convergence among balls in the vacuum.
  • The balls are steel, quite heavy with shiny plating and securely mounted
  • All the strong strings are the same length, they will be not tangled upon arrival
  • An exquisite decoration that can be placed in house, school or office
  • size:  

square shaped: 17.5x15x18cm  13.5x13.5x11.5cm  9x7.5x9.5cm

"T" shaped: 18x15x18cm  13.5x11.5x14cm  9.7.5x9.5cm

"sail" shaped: 22.5x26.5cm   18x22.8cm    14x17.8cm

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