Posture Corrector, Clavicle Support Belt

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  • People who need to sit all day long during their working hours would suffer from poor posture and that will definitely bring hunched shoulders and headaches.
  • Posture brace, correct students or white-collar office workers, computer enthusiasts, drivers, and the need to maintain long-term sitting posture by incorrect, correct posture, correct the hump. 
  • Hailicare posture brace brings in a simple and non-surgical way to alleviate injuries and strenuous activity during daily activities. The HailiCare posture corrector brace features a simple 8-shape design, allows you to move freely with no restrictions whatsoever. 
  • When worn, it physically holds your shoulders back. Shoulder back aligned clavicle by pulling bone to correct position, provide upper back support, relieving back pain instantly.
  • Size is available in one-size-fit-all from 28” to 48”. You should wear is every day for 15-25 minutes initially and then add 20 minutes daily.
  • Over-tightening the brace may cause excessive tension, so avoid such conditions and also don’t use it for an extended period of time. This should be used as a training tool to develop your posture to normality. 


  • the use of comfortable, breathable cotton material, buckles, made of adhesive tape;
  • special-eight open design is easy to adjust the tightness;
  • easy to wear, comfortable, good air permeability;
  • available in black color ;
  • effective to medial fractures.


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