LED Headlamp 12000Lm xm-T6, Led Head Flashlight

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  • Its output brightness can up to max 12000 lumens
  • Two mode: TD004 (no sensor) and TD004-S (with sensor mode).
  • 4 Working Modes: 1 middle light, 2 vice lights, 3 lights, 3 lights strobe.
  • Rotary zoom: Zoom in/out, the scope of light is adjustable
  • Rechargeable: 3 different charging way (AC, USB, Car)
  • Waterproof, can be used in rainy, but not put it into the water.

 4 Lighting mode meet your different needs:
1. Main light, the brightness is concentrated in a circular spot, you can attract big fish.
2. Secondary lights, the spot is more scattered and the most power, you can use a long time without stimulating glasses, close to use when you can use.
3. All lights, the maximum range of light exposure to the immediate range of 110Degree, can be used in the hole underwater easy to find items and adventure.
4. Strobe, you can guarantee the safety of the night ride, so that the car at 1 km to do the slow preparation, but also for help.

Package List:
Package A:1*Headlamp  1*USB Cable
Package B:1*Headlamp  1*USB Cable  2*18650 Battery
Package C:1*Headlamp  1*Wall/USB Charger  2*18650 Battery
Package D:1*Headlamp  1*Wall/USB/Car Charger  2*18650 Battery
Package E:1*Sensor Headlamp  1*USB Cable
Package F:1*Sensor Headlamp  1*USB Cable  2*18650 Battery
Package G:1*Sensor Headlamp  1*Wall/USB Charger  2*18650 Battery
​Package H:1*Sensor Headlamp  1*Wall/USB/Car Charger  2*18650 Battery

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